Ellura Sanctuary, Swan Reach, SA, 5354
Stat'NotesThumbnails: 23.   3 native species (0 introduced) listed, with 3 natives (0 introduced) from Ellura
Plants (Plantae) - Land Plants (Charophyta) - Land Plants (Equisetopsida) - Sandalwoods (Santalales) - Mistletoe (Loranthaceae); 3 species from Ellura
Box Mistletoe
Amyema miquelii

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Other Common NameStalked Mistletoe

Thank you Asimakis Patitsas for confirming the id of this species for us

Many people believe mistletoe to be a pest. However, in the wild they are as much a part of the natural order as any other species. Similarly they don't kill trees in the wild. If on the other hand, there aren't enough host trees, due to man's clearing, there can be situations where trees are targeted by birds and so die.
Is this the fault of the mistletoe? We think not. If you are concerned about this, the solution is simple; plant more trees, don't kill the mistletoe.
Imaged 18(1Fl,1Fr) in Jan(1), Feb(1), Mar(4), Apr(3:1Fl), May(3:1Fr), Jun(2), Jul(1), Aug(2) & Nov(1)
Bud Cluster
Flower & Leaf
Fruits Forming
Wire-leaf Mistletoe
Amyema preissii

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Other Common NameLong-leaf Mistletoe

Thank you Andrew Allanson & Ralph Foster for confirming the id of this species for us

The host in this case is Senna artemisioides ssp filifolia
Imaged 11(1B,7Fl,3Fr) in Feb(3:1B,2Fl), Mar(5Fl), May(1Fr), Jul(1Fr) & Oct(1Fr)
In Spinebush
Harlequin Mistletoe
Lysiana exocarpi ssp exocarpi

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Thank you Andrew Allanson & Alan Dandie for confirming the id of this species for us

Our example is parasiting off a Senna artemisioides ssp artemisioides.
A beautiful flower which is generally upright. All mistletoes we've seen to date have the flower hang.
The flowers are a rich mix of rusty green base, with bright fire-engine red tube, capped off with pale green / yellow petals.
Imaged 16(2B,8Fl,11Fr) in Mar(5:2B,4Fl,1Fr), Apr(5:3Fl,4Fr), May(2:1Fl,2Fr), Jun(1Fr), Jul(1Fr) & Aug(2Fr)
In Host
Join to Host
New Leaves
Old Leaves
New Bud
Size of New Buds
Bud almost opening & size
New Flower, whole
New Flower, close up
Mature Flower
Flower Aging & Size
Flower Dying

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